Direct Marketing of Missouri Katahdin Lamb




This project is designed to help sheep producers practicing sustainable agriculture to develop profitable marketing alternatives, and to provide conscientious consumers with an opportunity to purchase, healthy, high-quality, natural lamb raised by local farmers.

It is funded by a producer grant from the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program, part of the national SARE program, which is funded by USDA


The objectives of the project are 

  • to increase consumer awareness, appreciation, and consumption of lamb, specifically Katahdin lamb; 
  • to increase profitable direct marketing opportunities for Katahdin lamb producers; 
  • to increase contact and information exchange between sheep producers and lamb consumers; 
  • and to develop a marketing brochure to serve as a template for other sheep and livestock producers. (see below to download a brochure template)


Collaborators on the grant include five producers of Katahdin sheep, geographically-dispersed throughout the state of Missouri, and personnel from Truman State University Agricultural Science and University of Missouri Outreach and Extension.


Activities funded by the grant

Specific activities being conducted with grant funds include

  • Hiring a part-time marketing coordinator to plan and conduct marketing activities
  • Designing a marketing brochure, which will promote Katahdin lamb to consumers and restauranteurs in each producer's local area
    • By clicking on this link, you can download a compressed copy (filesize = 7 mb) of our brochure.  We want to make this file freely available to producers who wish to modify it with their own products, pictures, and information and use the re-designed brochure in their own direct marketing efforts.  There are no copyrights or other restrictions associated with the brochure; you may use it at will, but if you do so, I would appreciate you emailing me at to let me know of your efforts and experiences.  The file is zipped using PowerArchiver2001, but should be easily unzipped on any Windows-based computer.  If you have problems unzipping it, please let me know.  The brochure is designed in Microsoft Publisher, which is part of MS Office Professional.
  • Sponsoring lamb cooking demonstrations/classes as educational and promotional events


About Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses.  They do not produce a fleece and do not require shearing.  For more information on Katahdins, visit my related Katahdin Sheep page.



Yearling Katahdin ewe with lamb Five-year old Katahdin ram


For more information

Contact Michael Seipel at or 660-785-4316.