Environmental Studies Minor at Truman State



From January through October 2003, a group of Truman faculty members from the divisions of Business and Accountancy, Language and Literature, Science, and Social Science worked to develop a proposal for an interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Minor at Truman State University.  This web page provides a link to the proposal and related information.Proposal

The proposed structure of the minor is outlined in the linked document: 

Status of the Minor

  • The minor was discussed at the November 13, 2003 meeting of Undergraduate Council and approved at its December 10, 2003 meeting.  The minor was approved by Faculty Senate at its January 22, 2004 meeting.

Related Links

We do not attempt to provide an exhaustive listing of other environmental studies programs.  These are links to programs that were mentioned or referenced during the course of working group discussions.  The list should be organized (semi-)alphabetically.  If you have a link you would like to see added to the list, email me the pertinent details (see contact info at bottom of page).

Peterson’s College Search :  (a search for “environmental studies minor” yields 141 “hits”)

For more information

Contact Michael Seipel at mseipel@truman.edu or 660-785-4316.