Marketing Truman Popcorn as a Fundraiser

AGSC 303, Food & Agricultural Marketing Class Project, Fall 2000
Nurtay Abdubek, Laci Cook, Katie Dallam, Krista Hediger, Jenny Howk, Matt Jones
Below is a short, detailed outline of how to market Truman Popcorn. This checklist encompasses the entire project from production to sale. A more extensive report of the points made here are detailed in the accompanying paper.

  • The name “Truman Popcorn” may fall under the University’s copyright / trademark regulations. Check with the Public Relations Office to gain approval on the label and product name.
  • Talk to Dr. Mark Campbell about using the popcorn and when to harvest.
  • The popcorn must be hand harvested. Check the moisture content. Popcorn should run at fourteen percent.
  • Depending on the packaging you choose (We recommend jars.) shell and clean the kernels using the equipment available in the classroom at the farm.
  • Purchase the supplies. For the jar packaging, materials include pint size mason jars, ribbon, and fabric. Approximately eight inches of ribbon is used and a six by six-inch square of fabric is used. Place the fabric over the lid and secure with fabric glue and ribbon.
  • Create labels. This should be done and approved by the Public Relations Office if you will be using the name “Truman Popcorn.”
  • Assemble the product.
  • If using the jar packaging option, expenditures will be approximately $2.64. Market research showed that $5.00 is the optimal retail price for the jars.
  • Sell the product at the Ryle Christmas Market, the Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival, and during various times of the year: Homecoming, Parent’s Weekend, Mothers’ Day, Move-in Day, etc.
  • Place ads in various campus media outlets including the Index, Truman Today, KTRM, posted flyers, and also rely on word-of-mouth.