The Role of Agriculture in Rural Development in Ghana

Doe Adovor, Senior Agricultural Science major
Truman State University Undergraduate Research Stipend, 2001
Dr. Michael Seipel, Faculty Mentor


Doe Adovor, Agricultural Science student at Truman State University, is undertaking research focused on Ofuman Farms and Ofuman Practical Agricultural Training School in Wenchi in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.  Doe’s research will examine the role of these institutions in local economic development and the possibility of replicating this development model in other locales.  Click on these map images to see Ghana’s location in western Africa and an overview map of Ghana.  Wenchi is located in west-central Ghana.  You can also view a relief map showing Ghana’s topography.  Maps are courtesy of

Project Summary from Doe’s Proposal

Goals and objectives
The goal of the research is to investigate the impact of agriculture on rural development, using Ofuman Farms and neighboring rural farms and communities as the focus for the research.

Importance of the project
This research is important for reasons that, Ghana is primarily an agricultural country, with agriculture supporting over eighty percent of its population. Agriculture is the largest contributor of gross domestic product in Ghana, with over eighty percent of total agricultural production coming from the rural areas.
This project will further broaden my understanding of agriculture not only in rural Ghana but also neighboring countries and the rest of the world. Fellow students and faculty will benefit from this research, as the results will be shared in a faculty presentation and also during the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Specific Procedure that will be used to achieve the objectives of the research
Review of materials and literature on related research that has been carried out as a way of preparing for my research.
Consulting with my faculty mentor to plan the procedures involved in the research.
Direct interviews with farmers and rural folks.
Use of a mini tape recorder during interviews.
Meeting with my former lecturers at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana to discuss the research.

If Ofuman Farms has been successful in rural development, insight gained through this research will be helpful in replicating this model of rural development in other localities.
Besides the faculty presentation and Undergraduate research symposium, copies of the research will be presented to the Truman State University library and also the faculty library as a way of sharing the findings of the research.